The highest quality natural vitamin gummies. Responsibly sourced, backed by our experts and tastily formulated for you. This collection provides a full spectrum of gummies packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support women with busy lifestyles. 

Daily Multivitamin Gummies


Daily Multivitamin Gummies

Our Vegan Daily Essential Vitamin Gummies are packed with the nutritional basics that will help you to stay on your game - meaning you can focus on everything the day throws at you.

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Based on 23 reviews


Essential Omega 3 Gummies


Essential Omega 3 Gummies

Getting your daily Omega 3 just got delicious. With DHA and EPA both contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids which support heart, brain and eye health. You get all this in a tasty Lemon and Orange flavoured Gummy.

Rated 4.7 out of 5
Based on 14 reviews


Healthy Eye Gummies


Healthy Eye Gummies

Delicious, vegan formulation to support everyday eye health with Ginkgo Biloba, Lutein, Zinc and Riboflavin with no added sugar.



The Known basics.

Complex formulas kept simple; for your every day health.

Start with the basics.

Our multivitamins are packed with scientifically proven vitamins and minerals to help your overall health and wellbeing.

Nothing fishy.

We all know why Omega-3 is vital for a healthy body, but do we really need those fishy burps? We didn't think so; our supplements will never taste fishy, even if they're full of it.

Targeted support.

Need something more specific? Our Foundations Collection will give you targeted support for core bodily functions where you need it most.

Subscribe & Save.

Love our supplements? Save 20% off and get your vitamins exactly when you need them with our subscriptions.

Our promise.

If it isn’t approved by our Nutritionist… it doesn’t make the cut.

Our products are a perfect blend of scientifically proven vitamins and minerals, with natural botanical extracts and backed up by our team of experts. We are committed to ensuring our supplements are not only effective and backed by science, but also delicious and a joy to take.

It's time to be Known.

Our mission?

Our mission?

It’s simple. To make health and beauty supplements that work and taste good

Discovering your best you has always been an inside job, so we created a range of delicious products that help you look and feel like the best possible version of yourself. 

Because beauty should be a pleasure, not a pain.

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